Multi-Function Face Scarf / Bandanas / Headbands / Face Mask

Although this product wasn't developed for this purpose, if you are looking for a face mask of sorts to use out in public during this pandemic, these multi-function scarves will work for that purpose. Definitely NOT medical grade, but if you are looking for an easy way to cover your nose and mouth, this is a comfortable option.

So versatile, this one product can be worn a number of different ways. Great for keeping the chill out, this bandana can be used as a neck gaiter. Working outside, going for a ride on your bike, or working in the shop and want to protect your nose and mouth? Slide the bandana over your nose for a bit of a face mask to keep the wind and particles out! Having a bad hair day, slide that same bandana up to keep your hair out of your face. 

Use these multi-functional headbands as a bandana, wristband, hat, balaclava, headwrap, neck warmer etc.. 

MATERIAL Feature: Made of a soft jersey knit, breathability , flexible, and comfortable.

2 color options to choose from. Faded camo print, and mocha.