Original Headbands with Buttons for Holding Face Masks in Place

Pretty Simple was asked if we could help produce these headbands for healthcare workers. Many of you know I am a registered nurse by trade - and I want to do what we can to help... so we got to work. The elastic on face masks is creating sore ears, and this is simply a solution to help with that problem! Headbands with buttons to hold face masks in place! If you have a headband laying around, you can easily make them at home! But in the mean time, we are making these available to our Pretty Simple customers. 

Elastic has non-slip backing to keep the headband in place. Simply loop the elastic on the face mask around the buttons on the headband to save your ears from becoming sore! 

The new headbands will be coming with our signature PS tag - with a surprise message inside the PS tag. 

If someone you know is in need of a headband and cannot afford to purchase, please message us. We would be happy to provide a discount code for a free headband.