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MAGIC Market Recap!

Written by Lily Atkinson (PS Marketing, Sales & Photography Manager)

Last week was filled with many firsts for us! First time meeting our customers in person, visiting Las Vegas (for me anyway!), and the first time Leah and I have ever left our team alone for a whole week! We had never done a tradeshow, so we knew we had to go big for our first one! And MAGIC Markt in Las Vegas sure fits that profile.

For the past couple of months, Leah and I have been developing things we've never done before! Creating brand decks, line sheets, designing our own booth, and overall... becoming organized! You see, Leah and I are more on the creative side of working. Organizing and planning ahead really isn't our strong suit! That's what we have our warehouse manager, Sheila, for! We're way more of the "fly by the seam of our pants" kind of girls. Well, that all changed when we began preparing for this market!

Being a small women-run Minnesota wholesale accessories brand, we knew our booth wouldn't stand as large next to the major brands featured at MAGIC market. But what we lacked in size, we wanted to make up for in heart and character! We designed our 10 x 10 booth to be an accurate representation of the quality and personal connection we offer our customers! Our signature phrase "PS, It's what's inside." displayed along the facing wall, and a quote from Leah brought our customers in to see the new, trendy, and unique women's accessories we'd be offering this Winter. Because of our size, we decided to live through the 'less is more' mantra and only bring wholesale scarves, beanies, hats, bags, slippers, and straps! If you shop with us, you know we offer much more than this! But decisions had to be made!

From meeting our existing customers to new boutique owners, we found ourselves making new friends and developing deeper connections with our current clients! Nothing beats those in-person interactions where you actually get to FEEL the quality of the products we offer (hello cashmere beanies!) and hear the story behind each meaningfully designed accessory! Not only that, but we got to speak with our amazing boutique-owner customers about future accessory designs! What they love now, would love to see in the future, and what their customers look for when they're choosing women's accessories. We seriously want to hear it all!! When we design and source our wholesale accessories, we think about what YOU would want!

At the end of our stay in Las Vegas, we headed both exhausted (It's a hard transition from working at your desk to being on your feet all day!) & inspired for what's to come with the Pretty Simple Wholesale Accessories family! First order of business: Blogging! I will now be blogging every week to fill you all in on what's going on up here in Minnesota and what's on the horizon for Pretty Simple Wholesale Accessories! Anything from work to home, style, food, and more. I'm here to update you all on our Pretty Simple Wholesale family!



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Angela Lang Wallace
Angela Lang Wallace

August 29, 2021

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